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Your time frame for a topic is from the Americas before Europeans to the Civil War. Topics for paper or

Your time frame for a topic is from the Americas before Europeans to the Civil War. Topics for paper or presentation must be cleared by the professor, and once a topic has been taken no one else will be allowed to do a similar topic. You must also clear your museum option with me. Contact me with your option/topic to get approval. Option 1: PAPER An 8-10 page paper on any social or cultural topic from class sources (lessons, lectures, books, etc…) A social/cultural topic is one that details the impact of historical events on the people. For example The Role of Women during the American Revolution, The Impact of the US Invasion of Mexico on Mexican Americans, Colonial Food and Fashion. You must also end your paper by connecting your topic to its continued impact in society today.Must include a Title Page and Works Cited Page (in addition to the 8-pages required)A minimum of 4 outside sources must be used, including at least two historical primary sources. Double-spaced, 10-12 point font. Chicago Style (footnotes) citations or MLA must be used.RUBRIC45-50 Points (A)Met all requirements from the prompt (see above). The essay was well written, with no obvious grammar/spelling errors. The presentation was clear and informative; 1-page summary had no obvious errors. Intensive research has taken place and proper citation (Chicago Style) evident. Added images and other useful information to the project. The museum journal was well thought out and connected to US History. 40-44 Points (B)Some of the requirements not met (see above). The essay was well written, however, obvious grammar/spelling errors evident. The presentation lacked cohesion and/or did not meet time requirements; the 1-page summary lacked detail. Lacking in research and citations. Museum analysis not sufficient. 35-39 (C) Requirements not met (see above). The essay was not well written and contained multiple grammar/spelling errors. The presenter lacked confidence and/or information.  The research was not conducted and not clear citations were provided. The topic lacked connectivity to class material. Plagiarizing possible if no direct citations are provided. 0-34 (D/F)No requirements met. Not well written. No presentation or 1-page summary turned in. Did not turn in. The topic was not relatable to the class topic. Obvious and evident plagiarizing takes place. TOPIC ABRAHAM LINCOLN

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