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Youth and Elder Oppression

choose 3 to 5 essays from list below Understanding Adultism: A Key to Developing Positive Youth-Adult Relationships – John Bell● Terrorizing School Children in the American Police State – Henry A. Giroux● Police Make Life Hell for Youth of Color – Kathy Durkin● Ageism: Another Form of Bigotry – Robert N. Butler● Ageing with Disabilities: Ageism and More – Debra J. Sheets● Black Elderly – Center on Aging Studies, University of Missouri—Kansas City● From Keystone XL Pipeline to #DAPL: Jasilyn Charger, Water Protector from Cheyenne River Reservation – Amy Goodman and Jasilyn Charger● Elders Liberation Draft Policy Statement – Marge Larabee● People of Color Over Fifty – Dottie Curry● An Immediate End to the Criminalization and Dehumanization of Black Youth Across All Areas of Society Including, but Not Limited to, Our Nation’s Justice and Education Systems, Social Service Agencies, Media, and Pop Culture – Thena Robinson Mock, Ruth Jeannoel, Rachel Gilmer, Chelsea Fuller, Marbre Stahly Butts● Allies to Young People: Tips and Guidelines on How to Assist Young People to Organize – Jenny Sazama with help from teens in Boston● Taking a Stand Against Ageism at all Ages: A Powerful Coalition – Margaret M. Gullette● What Allies of Elders Can Do – Patricia Markee● Youth Oppression as a Technology of Colonialism: Conceptual Frameworks and Possibilities for Social Justice Education Praxis – Keri DeJong and Barbara J. Love

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